Become a Influencer

Become an Influencer has developed an ingenious solution for individuals who enjoy sharing recommendations about relevant and high-quality products, services, courses, experiences, and events while connecting with like-minded people – all while earning money and making this world better.


Picture this: you share a link on your social media, WhatsApp, or email for purpose-driven products and services, and when these items are sold, you earn money by contributing to a good cause.


Commissions various from 0.5% to 1% and are stablish by the vendors


Here’s how to get started: sign up on the marketplace, select a product or service, and share the link. You’ll have a control panel to monitor your sales and scores. Sales generate income, and scores provide tokens and/or discounts. If you’ve facilitated a sale, Freedom eE has established a back office for you to receive compensation. To take advantage of this, you’ll be guided to sign up for the Freedom eE Back Office directly through the registration menu.

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