Become a opinion maker

BecOme an opinion maker has crafted the perfect solution to empower Opinion Makers with a lifestyle that embraces responsible entrepreneurship, healthy living, and conscious consumption. Our marketplace provides a showcase for Opinion Makers to sell products, services, courses, experiences, and events from third parties that they personally endorse in their professional, social, and personal lives.


Here’s how you can dive into this exciting opportunity:

  • Register on FreedomeE Marketplace: Create your showcase store and choose the products you personally consume.
  • Back Office Registration: Enhance the power of your consumption by registering on the FreedomeE Back Office. Answer the COLLABOCRATIC Profile questionnaire to refine your understanding of the impact of your consumption.


The mission of the Freedom eE COLLABOCRATIC Economy is to humanize artificial intelligence and industry 4.0, creating new opportunities for entrepreneurs, opinion makers, freelancers, investors, and consumers to make money and lead a quality life, while constructing a better globalized market.


Remember, robots don’t consume, but humans do. Learning the value of your consumption in the globalized market through digital means and collaborating with this value is the simplest way to make money and lead a quality life. Opinion Makers commissions range from 0.5% to 8%, reflecting the diversity of high-value and more commercial products available. Commission values are set by vendors, and opinion leaders can directly negotiate their commission rates with vendors through their digital office – the Back Office Freedom eE. There, you can connect with various vendors, understand their values and professional and social goals, in addition to having:

  • Sales Control
  • Earnings Visualization
  • Productivity Score on the Productivity Board
  • Wallet

Moreover, you can also benefit by becoming a Brand Ambassador, inviting companies and professionals to join the This dynamic network provides an opportunity for Opinion Makers to expand their influence, connect with like-minded vendors, and maximize their earnings.


Join us in shaping a collaborative and prosperous future!

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