Become a vendor

BecOme a Vendor

The FreedomeE.Network, through its revolutionary COLLABORATIVE marketplace, provides Vendors – owners of products, services, courses, experiences, and events – with a complete virtual store with solutions for digital services and management. Additionally, it offers commercial solutions for both direct and indirect sales, generating financial revenue from these transactions.


1. Commercial Services:

  • Direct Sales: Market your products and services in a digital environment driven by professional and social purposes and goals.
  • Indirect Sales: Diversify your economic inflows and minimize customer acquisition costs through promotions of your products and services in a digital environment fueled by authentic and simultaneous endorsements among entrepreneurs, opinion leaders, influencers, brand ambassadors, financiers, investors, and consumers. All these actors share interconnected professional, social, and personal cycles through professional and social goals.

2. Digital Services and Management:

  • Digital Store
  • Product Control Panel
  • Stock Import via XML: For automated stock integration, our programming team is available to provide a budget. Schedule an online meeting with for more information.
  • Adding Products
  • Stock Control
  • Store Avatar and Cover
  • Product Sales and Productivity Score Control
  • Product Shipping Control
  • API with Logistics
  • Customization of Colors and Sizes
  • Merchant Dashboard
  • Creation of Discount Coupons
  • Commission Negotiations with Brand Ambassadors, Opinion Leaders, and Influencers through the Back Office Freedom eE
  • Creation of Commercial Links
  • Digital Wallet
  • Management of Receivables and Payments for Indirect Sales Commissions
  • API with Exchange
  • Marketing Agenda for Managing the Development with Sales of Collaborative Digital Content.

First Steps: Sign up for the Marketplace and Back Office by answering the COLLABORATIVE profile questionnaire. This questionnaire will guide you to negotiate the power of your professional, social, and personal consumption so you can communicate your products, services, courses, experiences, and/or events with authentic and simultaneous endorsements from others who share the same professional and social values as yours.

The mission of the COLLABORATIVE Economy Freedom eE is to humanize artificial intelligence and industry 4.0, creating new opportunities for entrepreneurs, opinion leaders, freelancers, investors, and consumers to make money and have a quality life.

Remember, robots don’t consume, but humans do. Learning the value of your consumption in the globalized market through digital means and COLLABORATING with this value is the simplest way to make money and have a quality life.

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